Design Tips

Design Tips

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 Design Rules When Decorating with Timber Floors

Timber flooring is subtly inviting, casually comforting, and luxuriously decadent. It definitely is your home’s best feature. So how do you decorate to accentuate this flawless feature? The number one key is contrast. Let’s explore a few simple design tips to help you maximise the beauty of your home.

 Creating Colour Contrasts

Light wooden floors generally tend to be more contemporary and artistic, while darker floors whisper sophistication and elegance. However, any shade of wood can create the perfect style that portrays your true essence. Delicately contrasting the hues and shades in your room creates a harmonious splendour.

If you have light wooden floors, opt for darker walls. Not too dark, but enough to ensure that a contrast is accentuated. Furniture should be light and minimalistic. The fun part is experimenting with vibrant colour accessories. Pumpkin-orange and fuchsia cushions on the sofa, complimented by an abstract painting on the wall. Or semi-dark grey walls with a white sofa, lime-green and turquoise ornaments and a chic turquoise and grey rug.

If your wooden flooring is dark, opt for light walls and leather sofas. Be mindful to select a sofa that is either slightly lighter or slightly darker than the floor. The room can appear to be overcrowded and somber, so experiment to find the right balance of textures and styles.

Cherry wood can often be tricky to compliment. White walls can create a dramatic effect and draw attention to the delicate grains in the wood. Furniture should be kept neutral and simple, such as beige suede. It has often been said that cherry floors are the most seductive of all the hues. They effortlessly create a soothing ambience without any décor assistance at all. Don’t over-complicate the room, simply allow the subtle furniture to emphasize the floor’s natural beauty.

Bleached floors are fun! They give you creative license. Paint the walls a deep red and add oak furniture for a stylish, contemporary look. Or paint the walls sky blue and compliment with white furniture for that everyday seaside feeling.

Home is Where Happiness Resides

Remember, there is never a right or wrong design rule – only what feels right for you. It is your home and you need to feel comfortable in your space. So explore and experiment, push boundaries and try something new, but make sure it resonates your personality. And if you paint the walls pink and then realise it looks awful, don’t worry, it can always be painted again. Your timber floors will patiently allow you to decorate and redecorate until you find the perfect balance. Your timber floors will lovingly embrace you when you finally sit down to relax and enjoy your creative masterpiece.

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