Commercial Carpet Tiles

Similar to parquetry floors, carpet tiles are fantastic from a creative perspective and are only limited by your imagination. We provide a huge range of colors, patterns and texture to suit all style of décor.

The other fabulous quality of carpet tiles is the convenience when it comes to installation. When we come in to installing your carpet we can simply lift the majority of your furniture and equipment and work around you so there is no need for you to stop work.

Also, if there are any heavily damaged areas, we can simply lift the damaged tiles and either swap them with the tiles from say the store room or we can replace them.

Carpet tiles come in different weights and grades which makes choosing the correct carpet for your business a relatively simple process. Basically, if the floor space is going to have heavy foot traffic then you would select a more heavy weight carpet. Our highly qualified and experienced staff and tradesmen will be able to help you decide what carpet is best for your needs.

Long Grain II


Nocturnal II