Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Brisbane Commercial Flooring – Vinyl Sheets

Vinyl sheet flooring is the perfect solution for commercial premises with high traffic areas where easy care cleaning and maintenance as well as hygiene are the highest priorities.

Examples for use are:

  • Medical institutions such as hospitals and nursing homes
  • Schools
  • Universities – particularly within the schools of science
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Light industrial premises
  • Retail stores

Commercial comes in 1.83m wide sheets and a number of different slip ratings such as R9, R10, R11 and R12. Our most popular vinyl product range comes with an R10 slip rating which is suitable for all the commercial premises listed above.


Environmental Sustainability

We take great care in sourcing our products and provide our customers with the best quality that is Australian made and has high standards in environmental sustainability. Our range of vinyl products have passed a stringent set of guidelines and carry a number of environmental certificates such as:

  • Winner – Australian Business Awards, Environmental Sustainability 2010.
  • Finalist – Savewater Awards 2009.
  • Inductee – Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame 2008.
  • Winner – Greenhouse Challenge Plus Awards 2007.
  • Winner – Sustainable Cities, Business – Zero Waste Award – Keep Australia Beautiful 2007.
  • Certified to ISO 14001 – Certified Quality Environmental Management System.
  • Vinyl Council of Australia Accreditation

Accolade Plus and Accolade Safe

Accolade Plus is our most durable vinyl sheet floor, made for the ultimate in wear and tear resistance. It is the perfect solution for hospitals, aged care, health care, education, light industrial, mercantile, hospitality.

Accolade Safe comes in the same colours and apart from containing an extra slip resistant retardants, has the same look and feel as Accolade Plus.

For a perfect flooring solution, why not mix and match both products by incorporating Accolade Safe vinyl in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens and stick to Accolade Plus for general areas.

Sheet dimensions are 2mm x 1.83m x 16m.


Timberline has been able to capture a beautiful authentic look of timber while still promoting the functional aspects of commercial vinyl flooring. It is the perfect solution for retirement facilities, nursing homes, educational and recreational spaces and retail premises.

Sheet dimensions are 2mm x 1.83m x 25m.


Quantum is a homogeneous vinyl sheet with a modern colour range that has excellent durability and maintenance characteristics. It is especial suitable to floor spaces that are subject to high daily use.

Sheet dimensions are 2mm x 1.83m x 16m.