Engineered Floating Timber Flooring

Engineered Timber Flooring

Engineered floating timber floors are planks made up of a hardwood timber veneer with a ply backing.

It is manufactured by applying different layers of plaque in different directions to give it extra strength and stability.

The product come in three strips, two strip and single strips where the single strips look very much like solid pieces of timber.

Nature’s Oak

Quick-Step Amato

Quick-Step Faro

Quick-Step Intenso

The Quick-Step Intenso timber collection features an elegant chevron pattern in a ready-made panel. Complete with Uniclic joining system, installation is achieved in a fraction of the time of a traditional chevron floor.

Readyflor Australian Species

Below is a sample of the timbers available, visit our Showroom for the full range.

Readyflor consists of 3 layers of stable, hard and durable wood with a protective finish that is applied in the factory. The Readyflor floating timber floors over an approved underlay is the quickest and easiest method of installation, however it can also be glued directly to the sub-floor.

The top layer is a sawn piece of solid hardwood and is coated with 7 coats of scratch-resistant UV lacquer for maximum durability. This layer can be re-coated and re-sanded like conventional solid floor boards.

The core of each and every Quick-step Readyflor board is made using plantation hardwood, known as rubber wood. It has 3 layers of timber permanently fused together which is done using high quality heat-cure adhesive technology. Each layer is fused in opposing grain directions for optimum strength and extraordinary dimensional stability.

The product is pre-finished using an extremely tough UV finish coating designed to cope with even the most demanding family and commercial environments. Readyflor also uses SRT (Stain Resistant Technology) which provides superior protection against fine scratches that occur from day-to-day foot traffic. SRT incorporates an anti-microbial treatment which actively inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus, providing a more hygienic living environment all year round.

Other features include the Uniclic Multifit glueless joining system, the best joining system in the world and a 25 year residential wear warranty and a lifetime structural warranty.

Readyflor timbers come in different strip widths; 1 strip, 2 strip and 3 stripdifferent-strips

photo of timber used at home

Pros and Cons of Floating Timber Floors


  • Floating timber floors can be easily removed which is fantastic for people who are renting property.
  • Easy to install
  • Provides space for expansion to withstand variations in humidity.
  • It is able to immediately handle foot traffic after it has been installed.
  • They can be installed as a floating floor on an underlay or can be glued directly to the surface.
  • They work well in humidity.
  • The coating is much more dependable than the ones used in hardwood flooring.
  • They are economically friendly and do not lead to a loss of trees.


  • If you do re-sand a timber floating floor, the finished product will look completely different to the original floor. The reason is because the product comes with 708 coats of UV stabilised water based coating from the factory.
  • Repeated changed in climatic conditions can result in the eventual deterioration of the flooring.
  • These floors cannot be sanded in the way that solid hardwood floors can.
  • Floating Timber Floors are actually much thinner and less voluminous than other types of flooring which are joined to the underlying floor.
  • Doesn’t add as much value to your home as a solid timber floor or parquetry.