Styling with Rugs

Styling with Rugs

classic rugIn any interior setting, a rug has an integral role. It provides a living space with a sense of warmth, space and character. It adds oomph to what could otherwise be a drab looking space. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, a rug can be a practical and basic piece in a room. It is comfortable and gentle on the feet as well as offers protection to your beautiful wooden floors from scratches, marks and hard objects.

Yes. The aesthetic appeal and functionality of the humble floor rug are endless, which is why it is, has been and always will be an essential piece in a stylish home.

Choosing the ideal rug for your living space is a very important decision which may sometimes be very difficult to make. It is much more than simply going to the store and choosing whatever fancies your taste. It should be an expression of personality as well as organically marry into the design and feel of the overall space.

Many times people look for rugs that blend in to the surroundings, however, in some cases, choosing a rug that adds a striking contrast to the surrounding may add a dramatic effect and a make for a better looking living space. The design and print of the rug should also be taken into consideration. Rugs come in a variety of designs from sleek and modern to rustic. The design and print on the rug needs to be in harmony with the living space. Supposing your room has a rustic feel, it would be inappropriate to choose a modern looking rug for it, even if you wanted it to be the centrepiece. You could pick a rustic looking rug but choose one with interesting print to add a dramatic effect.

modern rugJust as important as choosing a beautiful rug for your room, is choosing the right rug size for your room. Beautiful rugs come in all shapes and sizes, but how do you know which one suits your space?

There are three basic layouts when choosing a rug; the first is the floating layout where all the furniture fit onto the rug. This type of layout ensures that all the furniture legs are placed on the rug proportionately to define the space. The second type of layout is the dining layout which is suitable for dining rooms. The table is placed centrally on the rug such that there is enough space left on the rug for the chairs to be pulled out without having to ‘catch’ the leg of the chairs. Depending on the shape of your dining table, you could pick the appropriate rug, for instance, a circular dining table will look good on a circular rug as opposed to a rectangle one and vice versa. The third type of layout is the classic layout; this type of layout is for smaller rooms or in the case where the rug is small in size for a floating layout. In the classic layout only the front legs of the furniture rest on the rug.

There are endless possibilities to the design options of beautiful rugs, most importantly, the rugs need to furnish the room as per the needs of the inhabitants of the room, be it aesthetic, linear or functional. All the elements in the space need to be in harmony with the rugs in regards to their function and effect. With that in mind, the addition of a beautiful rug to your living space will make your space striking and comfortable almost instantly.

It is important to note the effect of UV light exposure on your flooring and rugs.

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