Timber Flooring: Selecting the Right One

Timber Flooring: Selecting the Right One

You have made the exciting decision to place timber floors in your home, now comes the fun part  – what will it look like? Let’s take a look at various styles, colours and grains to help you choose the one that is right for your home.

There are so many selections to choose from and understanding the different grades and hardness scale will let you make more of an informed decision.

afs-timber-2Grades of Timber

There are three grades of timber flooring that classify the amount of grain, features and character of the timber.  The grade of timber that will best suit you is dependent on the style of your home, furnishings and personal taste.

Select Grade – has minimal grain and markings which produces a smoother, sleeker style.  Often more expensive, but very popular because of its simplistic look.

Standard Grade – is cheaper than select or top grade timber, the timber’s natural grain and features are more prevalent.

Character or Rustic Grade – shows the timber’s natural beauty. The grain, knots and insect markings can be seen.  For a more earthy feel, this option is both affordable and stylish.

Hardness and Durability

Timbers are given different ratings for hardness and durability. The Janka scale is the industry standard for measuring and reporting the hardness of a species, i.e., the ability to withstand denting and wearing.  The higher the Janka rating, the harder the timber.  For example, Ironbark is quite hard with a rating of 15.0 compared to Tasmanian Oak which is much softer at 5.5.

The durability rating of 1-4, indicates the resistance to natural hazards including fungi and humidity. This rating is probably more of a necessity when choosing outdoor timbers.

There is much to think about when considering a timber floor.  It is important to remember that it is a natural product and no two trees are the same and so there will always be variation in colour, grain and look.  Also be aware that weather conditions such as climate and humidity will affect your timber floor, so choosing an experienced team to install your flooring is essential in minimsing these issues.

Our expert team is available to answer all your technical questions and guide you through the selection process to choose the timber that is right for your specific needs.

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